One Woman's Journey

Hear Jan Cotton speak honestly about her COPD diagnosis, and how her actions and the community support she receives help her manage her disease. Pharmacist Michael Gallagher shares insights into lifestyle changes and treatment options that may benefit patients.

Other Videos

Caregiving: Helping and Hoping

Caregiver Diane shares about the physical and mental challenges of caregiving, as well as helpful community resources and the importance of self-care. Diane's insights shed light on both the obstacles and the optimism of helping a loved one manage COPD.

Staying Active with COPD

Linda Bray doesn't let COPD keep her from staying active. In this inspiring interview, Linda shares her experiences with COPD and offers encouragement to caregivers. She discusses the challenges of living with COPD, how she continues to make the most of each day, and how important her husband's caregiving and support is.

Facing COPD With Love and Support

Listen to patients tell about their COPD journeys, from being diagnosed to learning about the disease to coping with its physical and emotional toll. They reveal how the support of their family and friends, especially their caregivers, is essential to their well-being.

Teaming Up to Manage COPD

For Chuck and Joe Morrison, managing COPD is a team effort. This father-son race car fan and driver use their public platform and personal experience to educate others about the disease. As a caregiver, it’s important to learn about COPD so you can help your loved one manage it more effectively.

The Caregiver's Changing Role

The role of the caregiver changes as COPD progresses. Listen as Jim Nelson shares his experience with COPD, and his wife Mary discusses her growing responsibilities as a COPD caregiver.

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